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Our goal is to provide the best services possible under a Client/Broker relationship whether those services were initiated by us or requested by the client.

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  • Sustainability school faces backlash over fossil fuel funds December 2, 2022
    Image: In May, Stanford University announced it would open a new school funded by a gift of $1.1 billion from private equity billionaire John Doerr, the second-largest donation ever made to an institution of higher education. The gift was designated to establish a school of sustainability and climate studies, illustrating the growing concern about climate change among […]
    Liam Knox
  • Why does Florida have so many failed leadership searches? December 2, 2022
    Image: Hurricane Ian ripped through Florida this fall, prompting Florida Gulf Coast University to postpone its presidential selection process when the storm delayed the finalists’ visits to campus. Weeks later, the search imploded in failure when two of the three finalists suddenly withdrew their candidacies. What really blew the search off course, critics say, wasn’t a […]
    Josh Moody
  • Report finds faculty diversity isn't meeting student needs December 2, 2022
    Image: Faculty diversity is positively associated with student success across a variety of metrics. Black and Latino students are more likely to graduate when they see themselves represented in their instructors, for instance. But the benefits of faculty diversity aren’t just evident among historically underrepresented students: research suggests that engaging with diverse instructors, perspectives and ideas […]
    Colleen Flaherty
  • Supreme Court takes up debt-relief lawsuit December 2, 2022
    Image: The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether the Biden administration’s plan to forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loans for eligible Americans is legal. Last month, the Biden administration asked the court to lift an injunction currently blocking the debt-relief plan. If the court wouldn’t lift the injunction, the administration wanted Justice Brett Kavanaugh […]
    Katherine Knott



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