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Our goal is to provide the best services possible under a Client/Broker relationship whether those services were initiated by us or requested by the client.

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  • Boston College launches new student success efforts January 20, 2022
    Image: Boston College, a private Jesuit institution, will open a new, two-year residential college on the former campus of Pine Manor College focused on serving underrepresented and first-generation students, according to an announcement by campus leaders today. The plans are part of a larger initiative to enhance educational opportunity for underrepresented, first-generation students and is the […]
    Sara Weissman
  • Students venture back to study abroad programs January 20, 2022
    Image: Andrea Boe had always planned to study abroad as part of her college experience. During her sophomore year at Tufts University, she began looking at programs in Spain for the following year. Then, in March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit. Classes went remote, and many students who were already studying abroad came home early. By […]
    Maria Carrasco
  • Colleges cash in on NFTs as a new fundraising mechanism January 20, 2022
    Image: As NFTs dominate the moment, some colleges are cashing in on the craze. An NFT—short for nonfungible token—is a speculative, digital asset that is unique and cannot be replicated or replaced. People often compare NFTs to original works of art; while many people own prints or replicas of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci’s original […]
    Emma Whitford
  • Michigan reaches $490M settlement in sexual abuse case January 20, 2022
    Image: The University of Michigan announced Wednesday that it had reached a $490 million settlement agreement with attorneys representing more than 1,000 survivors of alleged sexual abuse by former, now-deceased university doctor Robert Anderson. The agreement, if approved, would resolve all the survivors’ claims against the university. A total of $460 million would be available to the approximately […]
    Elizabeth Redden



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