For more than a decade, Brown & Moore Associates have worked with colleges and universities to provide insurance products and services tailored to the unique needs of the individual institutional circumstances. Most of our emphasis during this period has been on the Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This, of course, has not been at the exclusion of majority schools and related activities.

We feel that a strong and reliable student health insurance program is a necessary compliment to the tremendous investment made in higher education by students, parents and the institution.

Our goals are as follows:

  • To provide the most comprehensive insurance products available.
  • Prompt and efficient professional support services.
  • To design plans to meet the needs of the Institution.
  • To present competitive and cost effective rates.

Who We Are:

Brown and Moore Associates is a financial services brokerage organization that provides a wide range of insurance products and financial services. Founded by Michael Brown and Charles W. Moore in 1992, we bring many years of experience to the organization in working with officers of many distinguished Colleges and Universities as well as strong relationships with some of the most dependable insurance carriers in the health insurance industry.

Our combined years of experience with institutions of higher education and with the health insurance industry make us uniquely qualified to offer the best options for a student accident and health insurance program.

We have parlayed these experiences and expertise into a dynamic organization seeking to make a difference in the risk management responsibilities of institutions of Higher Education.

We have the capability and the expertise to design student accident and health insurance as well as intercollegiate sports accident insurance for club sports, intramural sports and intercollegiate sports either separately or in a package as preferred by the participating institution