Semi-Annually, or upon request, on-site meetings with The Office of Human Resources to review

(a) ongoing services of all vendors;

(b) paid claim reports (when available) from incumbent insurance carriers;

(c) changing industry trends and legislative updates;

(d) new voluntary and employer-sponsored products available for implementation; and

(e) other matters relative to Employee Benefits Plans.

  • Assurance that Summary Plan Description (insurance booklet) on all plans will be delivered within sixty (60) days following the effective date of program implementation.
  • Act as a liaison between the Office of Human Resources, employees, and Insurance Companies (or other vendors) to resolve claim and contractual issues. Direct contact between B & M Financial Service and client’s employees is available.
  • Customized Benefit Summaries detailing the plans provided by B&M Financial Services for distribution to Employees.
  • Conduct post enrollment meetings with employees within 90 days following open enrollment to resolve problems that surfaced during the open enrollment period. Also, clarify benefits and services available under the current vendor’s plans.

We are available upon 48 hours notice to participate in regular meetings and assemblies to provide updates and to address concerns employees may have relating to benefits.