Insurance Claims

Responding to claims early, effectively and with empathy is at the heart of our responsibility as an insurance company. Our in-house Claims Department is comprised of experienced professionals who are committed to providing high quality claims handling through fair and timely resolution. Your satisfaction with the processing and outcome of your claim is our top priority.

General Guidelines

While each situation will be different, there are some general guidelines you can follow after an accident or injury has occurred.

  • Report all claims immediately to your insurance agent.
  • Call B&M immediately if the accident involves serious bodily injury or death.
  • Document the facts of the accident or injury.
  • Obtain names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses.
  • Forward correspondence, bills, reports and other documents to B&M.
  • Reference your policy number on all correspondence.
  • Include your claim number on all correspondence.
  • Familiarize your management staff with these procedures.


  • Don’t reveal information about your insurance coverage other than company and agent’s name to anyone.
  • Don’t admit responsibility for the accident or injury.
  • Don’t discuss the accident or injury with anyone other than your insurance agent, his authorized representative, or law enforcement officials.
  • Don’t provide copies of documents to persons other than Markel associates or authorized representatives.


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